There is so much excitement and giddiness that is tasted and seen when preparing a gift for someone. When I am preparing a gift for someone, one of the first things that I do is think of the person that I am wanting to bless with a gift. Purposefully and individually, I have them in my mind and on my heart. Their face is so beautifully crafted on the canvass of my thoughts and in my ears I hear their name specifically spoken as I delight in the joy of knowing them. Once I have the person chosen, I then go about choosing the very best gift that I can provide them. It is absolutely crazy how refreshing it is when we seek out how we can refresh others. WOW! When I am wrapping a gift, it is like a confetti canon of joy exploded because I begin to think about how sweet it will be when that person opens their gift. It makes my heart smile just to think about them receiving it, knowing that they were thought of by name, chosen, and cared for.

How sad would it be to take the gift that was prepared and wrapped with genuine eagerness to the person, and they rejected it? To take a gift to someone and to have them respond with exuses as to why they simply cannot take it would burden my heart. It would be very sad and kind of confusing to get the response that they did not do enough to deserve the gift that I simply wanted to give to them. There was never a way that they could have earned this gift that I was so glad to give, I wanted them to simply accept it. I would want them to accept the fact that they were thought of by name, chosen, and cared for. It would burden my heart because I would know the fun that would be withheld from them simply because they chose not to receive what was prepared for them.