My Story

My name is Emma Mae Jenkins and I am a lover of Jesus and people. I use social media, YouTube, blogs, books and every precious opportunity to influence the hearts of all people in the grace and truth of Jesus. I attend Liberty University, majoring in Women’s Christian Leadership and am absolutely overjoyed in the truth of how much God loves you and has called you to a unique purpose for His glory. I rejoice when I see people or simply think of people because when we begin to see ourselves the way that God sees us, we then begin to see others the way that God sees others. I am enjoying writing this “About” section of the website so dearly because every time I go to write about me, it always points back to the Lord, because it is no longer I who lives, but Christ Who lives in me. He has entrusted me to equipping people in His truth, and it excites every fiber in my being to say a continuously bold “YES” to whatever door He is to open.


My vision is to lead this generation into having a genuine relationship with Jesus. For it is only in a genuine relationship with Him that we can dance in real joy, rest in full peace, walk in anchored hope, stand in unshaken confidence, and truly be whole. He has set us free and this freedom is found in intimacy with Him, and this is my bold prayer for you-that you may walk in the freedom of intimacy with Him that He so jealously desires.

Son Seeker Ministries

Son Seeker Ministries began when the Lord revealed Himself to me through my love for sunflowers. The sunflower is so beautiful to me, and what I love about it is that it is a heliotropic flower. To be heliotropic simply means to turn and grow towards the sunlight until continually facing the sun. We are all made to do the same. We were all made to seek the face of God’s Son and to walk in the light. Delighted and humbled, this is what I live my life to do-to seek His face and lead others to do the same. We are each like beautiful sunflowers. We may be at different parts of this journey and in different seasons, but we are all given the opportunity to grow in Him and I am so thankful to grow with you. Growing is messy and uncomfortable and absolutely stunning, and God uses every part to bring us closer to Him and bring Him glory. There is no part of my story and no part of yours, that God cannot use for good when we bring it to the light.

With Unconditional Love,

Emma Mae Jenkins
Founder of Son Seeker Ministries


So excited about it!